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kept him near her, so that he came to be known thencrforward
as Aliya Ramaraya, i.e.* Ramaraya* tlie son-in-low. While
arrangements for celebrating his coronation at Vijayams^ara
were in progress, Salakam Timma, the custodian of Krsna-
raya's treasury, who did not like that Ramaraya should be
crowned, left the city having already sent out secretly some
money in advance. He gathered troops and advanced upon
Vijayanagara by forced marches with the object of putting
Rainaraya to death, (thereby preventing his ccronationX Aliya
Ramaraya who obtained information (of the activities of
Salabam Timma) fied from the city at night taking the royal
seal with him and arrived at Penugonda, He sent from that
place letters bearing the royal seal to Pemmasani Timma
Nayadu, the Hande Chief, Mesa Pedda Nayadn and other
jaylrdars commanding them to repair to his presence espedi-
tiously with all their troops. In response to his summons,
Mesa Peddappa Nayadu went to (Penngonda) like all the
others. Ramaraya described to them the wicked deeds of
Salakam Timma, and said: " You (as well as yotir ancestors
of) several generations, obtained many rewards and titles, by
serving the king at considerable risk. Now, if you make
this enterprise successful, by destroying the enemy, we
shall bestow upon you valuable rewards and titles,'7 Next, he
enquired whether there was any person among them who
would, by sending spies, secure information about the where-
abouts of Salakam Timmayya, the disposition of his troops, and
the direction in which he was intending to march. Mesa
Peddappa Nayadn coming forward with the declaration that
he would get news of the condition ;,of the enemy) obtained
the tambula. He sent suitable persons into the troops of
Salakam Timmayya, and got (the necessary; intelligence.
(Ramaraya), accompanied by the Chief of Qandikota, Hande
Hanumappa Nayadu of Sonnalapura, and Mesa Peddappa
Nayadu with all their forces, marched by night to 5davSnif
and falling suddenly upon Salakam Timmayya's army which
lay encamped on the northern bank of the Tungafoliaelra,
slaughtered it. As Salakam Timmajy a with die remnants of His